Huawei Y9

When the next generation of young people are summarized as great/unique/singular/fun four qualities, they are powerful, different, full of curiosity, and want to explore all the interesting things in the world. This also reflects the characteristics of Huawei Y9. We themed this video with game elements, using CG techniques, the dynamic animation perfectly interprets the four characteristics of Huawei Y9.

The overall tone is bright and elegant, the background is simple and interesting; Combine a variety of game elements in the background to highlight the game theme; The movement of the lens is smart and powerful, and the transition is light and rhythmic; Picture composition takes the product as the visual focus and delicately depicts the texture of the product;

Use abstract geometric shapes, lines and other elements to depict simple but interesting scenes.

Huawei Y9 01

Huawei Y9 02

Huawei Y9 03

Huawei Y9 04

Huawei Y9 05

Huawei Y9 06

Huawei Y9 07

Huawei Y9 08

Huawei Y9 09

Huawei Y9 10

Huawei Y9 11

Huawei Y9 12

Huawei Y9 13

Huawei Y9 14

Huawei Y9 15

Full Credits

  • Client: Huawei
  • Production: Gwantsi 观池
  • Direction: Wen Shi 斯文
  • Executive Producer: William
  • Look Dev/Texture/lighting: 木春,Ezequiel Grand, Rory McLean, Chris Angelius
  • Animation: Wen Shi, Guodong Zhao, Rory McLean, Chris Angelius, Daniel Alvarez
  • Original Music & Sound Design: Daniel McCagh, 小沈


Melbourne Australia
98B Yanping Road,
Jing'an District,
Shanghai, China


  • Animation
  • Motion Graphic
  • Video Production
  • Video Content
  • Creative Direction
  • Artistic Direction


Huawei Y9